Movement + Perception

A study of how the various ways in which people move through a city shape and determine our perceptions of that city; the city’s personality. The study looked at both the modes of movement and the paths, and focused on the experience of the individual and how those experiences affect the perception of the city. At the conclusion of the research, I proposed a new transit system for the city of Bakersfield, California (where the study was focused); my proposed system was a suspended rail system that would operate in conjunction with the proposed California high-speed rail system as well as existing local transit. The purpose of the system was to suggest a new concept for citywide transport while at the same time providing an opportunity to suggest an architectural application of this study. In this case, I designed an elevated rail station for downtown Bakersfield. The station was designed in such a way as to highlight the transition in experience from pedestrian to rider through a shift in viewing angles and the compression of space.

  • For fall 2008/spring 2009 – Architecture Thesis, North Dakota State University