SOMA Tower

A joint design project with fellow architecture student Adam Ruhland.

SOMA Tower combines urban design fundamentals with the novel idea of extending those principles skyward. Conceived as a series of neighborhood blocks connected with a continuously looping vertical mass transit system, the tower strives to achieve the granularity and variety of modern urban cities. The neighborhood blocks are situated atop a robust base consisting of a commercial center, education facilities, a senior care center, and an outdoor amphitheater. The towers top out with high-density, technology-driven vertical farms and a vertical axis wind turbine.

The tower integrates a number of sustainable design features: an outer facade that collects water that is filtered and used in the vertical farms; a double-layered facade with automated controls that facilitates positive-passive ventilation; evacuated solar heat tubes tubes and integrated in-slab radiant heat for winter heating; a system to divert the solar heated water to generate electricity in warmer months, offsetting energy use from air conditioning.

  • Date Spring 2008
  • Type Architecture – Unbuilt/Concept
  • Location San Francisco, California